State-of-the-art lead management system for Fine & Country offices

Integrated lead generation and marketing platform, LeadPro, announced today that it has partnered with premium estate agency brand, Fine & Country, to provide each of its offices with access to a state-of-the-art lead management system. With a new website due to be launched for Fine & Country in the next few months, it was paramount to integrate a modernised lead management system with agents receiving leads directly to their LeadPro dashboards and benefitting from all its options.

Emilie Despois, Chief Marketing Officer of Fine & Country, says: “When reviewing all customer touch points, we recognised that improvements could be made with managing and nurturing leads to maximise conversion. Therefore, our forms on the new website will be linked to the offices’ new LeadPro premium dashboards, where they will receive all the benefits that the premium option offers, including lead management.”

According to Sam Oliver, CEO of LeadPro adds that one of the tools that the Fine & Country offices will receive is The Lead Responder, which is an automated questionnaire that pre-qualifies the leads received through the website. “The Lead Responder would also pre-qualify leads received from portals, should the office select this option. The Lead Responder is a great tool that will help our agents further differentiate themselves from their competitors. While some agents could take a few days to answer leads, through the Lead Responder tool, enquires will be acknowledged straight away,” he says. “The Lead Responder is also an excellent source of new business that 85% of applicants engage with, converting applicants into instructions and generating mortgage leads. According to the data, for every 100 questionnaires sent out, the Lead Responder will generate 33 mortgage leads and 24 valuation leads.”

According to Oliver, another function that will be included in the lead management system is the Auto-Caller function, which will allow agents to call their valuation leads as soon as they receive them. “When an agent receives a valuation lead, the system can automatically call the agent to ask whether they would like to contact the lead straight away. At the press of a button, the agent could be talking to their next instruction ahead of any of their competitors, increasing the chance of securing the listing. This function has increased valuations booked for agents by as much as 41% in certain instances,” he comments.

Oliver says that a key element of having access to an advanced lead management system and the LeadPro dashboard, is the ability to not only manage leads but also see insights on where the leads come from. “From a marketing perspective, lead data is essential in determining the best ROI on your marketing spend. Understanding which portals or resources generate more leads will help agents to be more targeted when choosing lead generation avenues. This will help agents to bring down their cost per lead, while being able to generate more revenue. We are excited about the upcoming launch of our new website and the impact that this new lead management system will have on the network’s market share growth over 2022.”

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