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Email marketing made easy
Automate newsletters, broadcasts, and workflows helping you easily connect with customers.
Promote your products and services
Carefully crafted subject lines and copy that customers and prospects can’t help but open – and act on.
Simply see your ROI
Through a detailed reporting suite, track, analyse, and follow-up on every campaign, helping you get the most out of email marketing.

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Take the admin out of emails

Save time and money with each campaign when you use Nurtur powered by BreifYourMarket. With marketing and transactional send functions, dynamic filtering and preferences, you will send the right message to the right person – helping build trust with your customers and prospects.


Turn emails into income

From open rates to subject lines and click-throughs, our in-depth reporting suite gives you all the information you need to improve your strategy and increase your ROI. Use the data to inform your future campaigns, drive more leads and boost conversions.

Features overview

Create beautiful email campaigns that convert

In-depth reporting suite

Use A/B testing to understand what is driving clicks and what isn’t

Responsive Templates

Select from over 70 templates which work on any device, saving you time and money 

Automation and scheduling

Take the admin out of workflows with simple to setup automation and scheduling


Dynamic filtering and targeting functionality allows you to send the correct email to the right person, at the right time

Unlimited sends

With no restrictions for email sends, get your message out as often as you like

Supports rich media

Keep emails interesting with video and PDF downloads 


Professionally designed templates 

Save time and money by choosing from over 70 editable campaigns. No need to hire a designer; the user-friendly interface will see you drag and drop elements and simply style the email in line with your branding.

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