New Instagram Feature Unleashes Opportunities for Estate Agents

Estate agents can now say goodbye to the limitations of a single link in their Instagram bio or relying on third-party link trees. Instagram’s latest announcement has opened up a world of possibilities with the ability to add up to five links in their Instagram bio, allowing estate agents to drive more quality traffic to their websites and boost their online presence like never before.

The highly anticipated update was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg himself on his broadcast channel, in response to numerous requests from Instagram users. The feature is available to all accounts, including business and creator accounts, and is easy to set up by accessing the Edit profile, Links, and Add external link options. Links can be arranged in the desired order, giving estate agents full control over the content they want to showcase to their followers.

As a leading digital agency specialising in digital marketing for the real estate industry, Starberry, part of, recognises the immense potential of Instagram’s latest update for estate agents. “This new feature is an absolute winner for estate agents on Instagram,” says Ben Sellers, Co-Founder of Starberry. “With up to five links in the bio, estate agents can now showcase their brand, products, and services more effectively, drive more traffic to their websites, and ultimately boost their online presence. For example, estate agents can now not only include a link to their primary URL, but to key selling pages, their instant valuation tool, an office page, contact forms, or even upsell mortgage services. The possibilities are endless, and the main benefit is driving more quality traffic to their websites, leading to increased engagement, conversions, and potential new clients. We are thrilled to see Instagram taking steps to empower businesses on its platform and provide new opportunities for growth.”

Unlike previous restrictions on linking to external sites, Instagram’s new feature does not prevent estate agents from linking to competing platforms like TikTok or YouTube either. In fact, Instagram even offers a dedicated linking option for Facebook profiles, displaying a professional-looking rounded Facebook icon and accompanying text. Although external links do not have special customisations, such as small icons, they open within the Instagram app itself, providing a seamless browsing experience for followers.

This new feature also now presents a challenge to third-party apps who set up business specifically to offer linktree pages, which emerged due to platform restrictions on multiple links. With Instagram now allowing expanded access to links, estate agents can attract more potential customers back to its platform, offering a more streamlined and convenient experience for their followers.

“Estate agents who are looking to leverage this new feature can start by accessing their Instagram profile settings and adding external links in the bio. By arranging the links strategically and directing followers to relevant content, estate agents can make the most out of this exciting update and drive success in their online marketing efforts. Alternatively visit and our team will be ready to help,” says Sellers.  

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