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According to Founder of LeadPro and Chief Product Officer, Sam Oliver, agents are seeing amazing results from targeted Facebook Advertising through the LeadPro platform, vastly increasing exposure and generating qualified vendor leads.

He adds that while most agents will have a presence on Facebook and might post regularly, there is a vast difference between using an individual profile to post and gain exposure, and working with a Facebook Advertising specialist that is able to create engaging campaigns that will widely broaden exposure. “A regular post on Facebook might be seen by a few hundred people, however, paid advertising has the potential to be seen by thousands of people within a targeted audience. An audience that is based on location, interests, engagement with the business and people that share the characteristics of the agent’s best clients,” says Oliver.

He adds that effectively using Facebook as a lead generation platform is more complicated than many people think, which is why using an experienced team of specialists is often a good option. “To really drive engagement and see the returns on Facebook Advertising, it cannot be something that is picked up on a part time basis, as can be very technical to set up to deliver the desired results. The LeadPro team is accredited by Meta and have spent almost £200,000 in ad credit delivering impactful campaigns that drive leads to estate agents and gain traction for the businesses. The team knows what does and doesn’t work, and we thoroughly understand how to target our campaigns to make a difference to an agent’s bottom line,” comments Oliver.

He notes that many think it would be just as effective to use a generic marketing company to set up their Facebook Advertising, however, most marketing companies would not have the experience LeadPro has within the property sector. “What we bring to the table is not just the technical ability, but also the insight into the property sector and market experience. We do not focus on any other sector, just property, specialing in what drives estate agency leads. A marketing company that works across a multitude of industries would not be able achieve the same results as us, because they would have the indepth knowledge we have of the sector and the forces that drive it,” says Oliver.

In the first two months of advertising on Facebook through LeadPro, Town and Country Harlow reached 27,768 people locally and received 111 qualified vendor leads, booking eight valuation appointments. Geoff Flewers, Senior Partner at Town and Country Harlow, says: “We are very happy with the results from Facebook Advertising through LeadPro. Of course it’s not a quick fix and will take some time to start ‘bearing fruits’ but so far we’ve booked eight very good valuations in eight weeks!”

Paul Rai at EweMove has been using the LeadPro Facebook Advertising service since September 2021, reaching 78,402 people locally, receiving 469 qualified vendor leads. He recently completed on two sales in one month, all as a result of Facebook Advertising. Rai comments: “My experience with LeadPro has been remarkable. In the past I have had such mixed results with social media, now it has become my primary source of new business.”

In conclusion, Oliver says that is agents are not already doing Facebook Advertising, they are missing a massive opportunity at generating additional revenue. “Rather than spending money on generating leads through the portals or a telesales company, agents would get more value out of spending their money on Facebook ads, which have proven to be a highly impactive lead generation avenue when managed correctly,” he advices.

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