Data – A powerful marketing tool

Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at BriefYourMarket

Estate and Lettings agents who wish to position themselves as the local market experts require access to reliable statistics and property market data. This is according to Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at BriefYourMarket, who adds that up-to-date, reliable property market data will help agents to become a trusted resource of information to their clients, while providing opportunities to expand business within their region.

An integration between BriefYourMarket and Dataloft Inform’s hyper-local content a recipe for success

To further enhance their marketing platform and increase email campaign conversation rates, BriefYourMarket has partnered with Dataloft’s hyper-local property market insights platform, Dataloft Inform, to provide in-depth local market statistics to be used by agents in email campaigns.

Combellack says: “We are very excited to be partnering with Dataloft to be able to provide a new level of insight and useful market intelligence about an agent’s local area. This up-to-date analysis will help agents to engage with both existing customers as well as potential new vendors. The combination of Dataloft Inform statistics, and our ability to distribute marketing material directly to an agent’s database or prospect constituency, via our other integrations with the leading CRM providers, is a recipe for success.”

Easier than ever to produce results

The integration between the two systems has been developed to make it as easy as possible for agents to produce results. Mutual subscribers will be able to drag-and-drop analysis, trends, and statistics – localised to a postcode sector and displayed in attractive and easy-to-read graphics from within their email editor.  “The process will save agents a significant amount of time and will allow them to be able to communicate with their audience using more relevant content, more regularly,” comments Combellack. “For example, a lettings agent would be able to create a campaign with data such as rents achieved by property type, percentage change in rental values down to postcode sector and report on average pricing in general, with all that information available in the BriefYourMarket email platform. Plus, the range of Dataloft Inform’s infographics will allow agents to populate emails with in-depth pieces of market commentary.”

He adds that agents who are customers of BriefYourMarket’s Communications Managed service will be able to select from numerous email templates that the firm’s marketing executives write and design to create an email campaign and the full range of Dataloft Inform content. The templates can then be populated with local market data from Dataloft Inform in a matter of minutes and sent out to attract potential new market appraisal requests.

Local market insights encourage action

Combellack notes that alerting previous customers and new prospects of the local average house price, how values have changed over time and the latest market trends, for example, has always encouraged action. The integration with Dataloft Inform means that it is even easier for agents to produce campaigns that will get the message across and entice engagement with their brand. “That’s before you add our on-market prospect data to the mix, too. This will allow agents to target all vendors and landlords currently on the market with a multi-channelled approach spanning email, social media, SMS and direct mail, all but guaranteeing results for our customers,” says Combellack.

Dataloft Director, Rory Black, echoed Combellack’s thoughts, “We’re delighted to announce the integration between Dataloft Inform and BriefYourMarket. Dataloft Inform is packed full of hyper-local property market insights and we are committed to making our content as valuable and easy to use as possible. Our integration means that mutual subscribers can publish relevant, interesting, and useful content to their database, with ease.”

“Knowledge is a powerful resource, and the integration of Dataloft Inform statistics will provide our clients with the keys to unlock the potential of that power,” Combellack concludes.

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