Lead response time more crucial than ever

In the competitive business landscape, a mere five-minute difference in lead response time can make or break a deal.

In the current competitive business landscape, response times can make or break a deal. According to statistics, a mere five-minute difference in response time can significantly impact the success rate of qualifying leads. Astonishingly, only 7% of companies respond within five minutes of a prospect’s form submission, with nearly half of businesses waiting a whopping five business days to respond. These numbers underline the critical importance of rapid lead response in driving sales conversions.

Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at, a leading technology supplier specialising in digital marketing and lead generation, highlights the urgency: “In the world of sales, speed means everything. Potential clients are looking for answers when they reach out, not days later. Response times are crucial, especially during a tougher economic market. If there are fewer leads, each lead is that much more valuable, and businesses should be doing everything they can to increase their chance of conversion.”

He notes that proptech elements are making it easier for agents to respond to leads within a short a time as possible. “Live chat services, such as Yomdel, have become an essential tool for businesses looking to respond within those crucial first five minutes. Approximately 85% of companies now offer live chat services, leaving those businesses and sectors without it lagging behind in today’s fast-paced market,” comments Combellack.

In this challenging economic environment, the ability to qualify and convert leads is more critical than ever for business success. According to Combellack, another innovative tool that is helping businesses respond quickly and convert more leads is LeadPro Autocaller, a groundbreaking solution that can connect an agent to valuation leads within seconds of their email inquiry, even before the agent has had a chance to open their inbox. First responders win more business and LeadPro Autocaller is empowering many agents to beat competitors to the punch and respond to all email inquiries more swiftly.

How It Works:

  • Vendor requests a valuation through a portal or other channel.
  • Autocaller rings the agent’s office and plays a message with the lead details.
  • The agent can then press 1 on their keypad to accept the call connection, or 2 to reject. If accepted, Autocaller will attempt to connect the agent to the lead.

According to Combellack, some key Features of LeadPro Autocaller include being able to connect to multiple lead sources with the platform supporting Rightmove Local Valuations Alerts, Zoopla Appraisal Boosters, Instant Valuation Leads, and other lead sources. The platform also allows agents to customise lead response rules, setting perimeters based on the type of lead and office.

“Another feature is the ability to track team and branch analytics. The platform will provide data on which team members or branches respond the fastest or have the highest conversion rates,” says Combellack. “Increasing response will also enhance the customer experience. First impressions count and a prompt response time will demonstrate your commitment to customer care.”

In conclusion, Combellack says that in today’s competitive business environment, innovative solutions such as LeadPro Autocaller is poised to be a game-changer, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition by revolutionising lead response times.

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