Launches Innovative Automated Referral System

Damon Bullimore, CTO of announces new Automated Referral System.

Damon Bullimore, CTO of has launched the first phase its Automated Referral System, which is being rolled out across the agent networks within the group. Damon Bullimore, CTO of, believes that the new system will have the power to transform the Fine & Country and The Guild of Property Professionals networks by unlocking the housing market and driving additional revenue to agents within the group.

“The Referral System offers agents the opportunity to automate the referral process to increase referrals and limit manual updates, making referrals between agencies an automated revenue generator. Removing much of the manual inputs will give agents some valuable time back to focus on other aspects of the business that produce revenue,” says Bullimore.

He adds that using technology, the Referral System is able to identify out of area applicants and suggest the agent refer them to another agent, which means that no referrals will be missed. “The system looks at every applicant the agent registers to determine whether they live within their area. The system will also recognise status updates made by the agents within their CRM and will automatically update the information in the referral system. This way, the referring agent will always have an updated progress report on the referral. The system will also automatically recognise when a property has been sold, making sure that there are no delays for the referring agent in receiving the referral fee,” Bullimore adds.

“Essentially the referral system will connect all agents across each network, broadening the funnel of potential applicants and harnessing the power of being a part of a UK wide network to gain more instructions and potential earnings across the entire group,” he comments.

He notes that the Automated Referral System is another example of how the various proptech elements within the group are working symbiotically to enhance the service offering to customers. “Having proptech innovators within the group has enabled us to continue to develop and create products and services that will save agents’ time, while increasing revenue and driving business forward. We will continue to enhance the existing range of products and services we provide, while pushing innovation and seeking ways that will help the networks to grow within a highly competitive industry,” he concludes.

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