LeadPro partners with Yomdel on Facebook advertising lead generation tool

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LeadPro partners with Yomdel on Facebook Advertising tool

Founder of LeadPro, part of, Sam Oliver, says LeadPro’s Facebook Advertising is now fully integrated with Yomdel live chat, adding that when used together, the tools have the potential to boost conversion rates by over 40%.

Talking through the process, Oliver says any leads generated through Facebook Advertising using LeadPro and its suite of tools are now automatically connected to a Yomdel live chat operator within 15 seconds, irrespective of the time of day or whether it is over the weekend. “In a highly competive market, having an edge is essential.  A system that field leads at any time of the day and helps an agent strike while the lead is hot, beating out other local agents is definitely that edge. The system is not restricted to office hours and is available 24/7 to ensure that agents are widening the net as far as possible to capture and nurture leads, resulting in a higher level of conversations, and ultimately more money in the agent’s back pocket,” he adds.

Richard Combellack, Chief Commercial Officer at Yomdel, says: “Yomdel generates the highest volume of valuation bookings from direct to chat links from social media advertising, as apposed to popup chats on the agent’s site. The reason for this is Yomdel can man the ‘Facebook Messenger’ chat, which means the customer never exits the Facebook app thereby increasing chat occurrence.  As the service is around the clock, we see the highest volume of chats occur between 6.30 and 9 pm at night.”

Combellack continues: “The thing we are most excited about at Yomdel is we have in the past relied upon agents to be doing their own social media advertising, which tends to be few and far between. Now we have LeadPro in the same family combining their abilities to create and manage the advertising, with Yomdel’s chat handling and booking the enquiries, it is the perfect scenario for business generation.”

According to Oliver the system was trialled over a eight week period by Chase Evans, a full service estate and lettings agency with seven offices across London and over one hundred staff managing over 4,000 properties. “Chas Evans used our tried and tested Facebook Advertising Advertising Strategy to generate leads, which were sent to the LeadPro Instant Valuation Tool and managed through the LeadPro dashboard. The Facebook leads were connected to a Yomdel agent within 15 seconds via Facebook Messenger, which meant they were responded to faster than any other local agents,” Oliver comments. “Over the eight-week trial period, using a £10 daily spend on Facebook Ads, 66 Facebook vendor leads were generated and over 40,000 people were reached locally. During a time when listings are not as easy to come by, being able to generate a further 66 vendor leads through just Facebook Advertising is exceptional.”

Oliver notes that based on the £10 daily spend on Facebook, each of the vendor leads received would have cost £95. “This is a relatively small price to pay if it results in 40% more leads coming into the business.  I’m sure most business would be happy to be able to increase their potential revenue stream by 40% within a two month period,” he adds.

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